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Cloverfield Veterinary Hospital is closing  April 27th, 2018.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, Cloverfield Veterinary Hospital will be permanently closing it’s doors on Friday, April 27th, 2018.

Within the next two weeks, the staff is prepared to assist you with obtaining your pets medical records.  This only pertains to active clients and current patients only.  If your pet has not been to Cloverfield within the last 3 years, then that pet is already considered inactive.  Your records are no longer valid.

If you are an active client with a current pet, we have several options for you to obtain your records.

  1. Email:  preferred.  We can email them directly to you or forwarded to another veterinary clinic.
  2. Pick up:  Paper records can be picked up at the clinic. Please call ahead of time to help expedite the process.


Records will primarily consists of vaccinations, and basic tests (i.e. heartworm tests).  If your pet has more extensive paperwork to cover chronic conditions, recent bloodwork or x-rays, then please let us know and we can have those records available.

You can call after hours and leave a message or call during office hours and talk to a staff member directly.

Medications are still available until the inventory stock is depleted.  After that, you will be referred to our online pharmacy at , then click on the left sidebar for online shopping.  The online pharmacy will remain open for 6 months past our closing date, September 1st.  This will enable your pet to receive regular medications and prescription foods until you are able to establish a relationship with another veterinary clinic.  

Thank you to all our loyal clients.  We will sincerely miss you.


Dr. Laura Boggs



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